Love at First Bark (The Fairly OddParents)

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Love at First Bark
Series: The Fairly OddParents
Part of Season: 9
Episode Number: 142a
Air Date: July 21, 2014
Writer: Ray DeLaurentis
Will Schifrin
Kevin Sullivan
Previous episode: A Perfect Nightmare
Next episode: Desperate Without Housewives

”Love at First Bark” is the twenty-ninth episode in season nine of The Fairly OddParents.


Sparky falls in love with Dinkleberg's dog, Peaches, but Timmy's Dad forbids him from seeing her. So Timmy wishes that his dad would like Peaches so that he can let Sparky hang out with her, only for the wish to backfire and make Mr. Turner fall in love with Peaches instead. Mr. Turner and Sparky compete with each other to win Peaches’ heart.

Why It Sucks

  1. First of all, this episode has a disturbing concept, where Timmy wishes that his dad would like Peaches, only for the wish to suddenly make him fall in love with her instead, which is considered zoophilia.
  2. Just like most of this season’s episodes, Da Rules is broken several times. For instance, Sparky can't date an earth dog because doing so will make him disappear forever and yet, Timmy still wished for someone to fall in love with Peaches, which is a highly forbidden wish.
  3. On the subject of Peaches, the new (and one-time) character, she is not only a pointless replacement of Dinkledog but also incredibly dumb as a pile of rocks and serves more as a one-dimensional love interest plot device than an actual character.
  4. Not only contradictory jokes are overused in this episode, but Mr. Turner running naked while other people scream at sight of him is not only annoying, but also very inappropriate for a kids show.
  5. Very mean-spirited moment where boys cries about Brutus to get back to him, gets yelled at by Mr. Turner and making him cry again.
  6. Mr. Crocker’s mother is pointlessly shoehorned in as one of Sparky's girlfriend candidates, which is, yes, also considered zoophilia.
  7. Poof disappears after the first half of the episode.
  8. Predictable ending where Peaches chooses neither of them and she goes with Voodoo the Timberwolf instead and Sparky finding another girlfriend, making Peaches' introduction and episode conflict completely pointless.
  9. It is also another generic romance story with poor execution similar to “Finding Emo”, a previous episode within this season, and “Married to the Mom”, a later episode in the next and final season of the show.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Good animation and voice acting as usual.


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