Party Hardly (Sonic X)

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Way to blow your cover you dumb bunny

Party Hardly (Giant Free for All! Chris' House Party!) is the 7th episode of the anime series, Sonic X. Chris and Chuck try to keep Sonic and friends hidden when Chris's mother decides to throw a house party. She's even invited Chris's school teacher; Mr. Stewart.

Bad Qualities

  1. This is one of the many "filler" episodes of the series.
  2. Dr.Eggman doesn't appear in this episode at all.
  3. Chris has a significant amount of screen time.
  4. Cream completely disobeys Chris in this episode. All just because she hates being locked in the bedroom.
  5. In the dub, the words "Peace Park" is removed for some reason.
  6. Mr. Stewart apparently likes a generic painting that has random patterns.
  7. Cream lashes out at Chris just because she's jealous of him. SHEESH! Kids these days!
  8. Cream just blows her entire cover by walking out in the open after seeing Sonic with flowers.
  9. Amy and Tails later do the same thing by chasing after Cream after she leaves the room crying.
  10. Mr. Stewart was apparently so distracted by the painting that he didn't notice Cream's temper tantrum. Maybe he heard her but pretended like nothing was happening.
  11. Chris's mom's cooking is just a cliche.
  12. Mr. Tanaka apparently knew Chris was keeping Sonic and friends hidden.
  13. There's barely a party in the episode.
  14. Chris and Chuck apparently easily lose Cream even though she just went into the next room.

Good Qualities

  1. Chris's Mom really wanted to spend time with Chris but can't because of her work.
  2. The ending is heartwarming.


  1. A few clips of this episode was used in the intro of the English dub.
  2. The painting had a different design in the English dub.
  3. An Australian DVD nicknames this episode "Cream and the Flower Crowns".



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The fuck I just read!


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Cream haters unite-ninja warrior fan


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Hey....I don't think this episode's bad, I liked it!

Also, Cream's NOT a dumb bunny.

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