SML Movie: Jeffy's Broken Toy

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SML Movie: Jeffy's Broken Toy
Pizza rolls.jpg
"I could make a good video... or I could make pizza rolls..."
Series: SuperMarioLogan
Part of Season: 12
Episode Number: 79
Air Date: December 15, 2020
Previous episode: Hunky Cody
Next episode: The Devil's Son

"Jeffy's Broken Toy" is the 79th episode of the 12th season of SML.


After Jeffy's new toy breaks, Mario tries to get a refund.

Why It Sucks

  1. It is extremely filler heavy, most notably the phone call between Mario and Cameel Habeeb Habab.
  2. When Mario starts to get annoyed at Cameel, his voice starts to get very annoying and ear-grating.
  3. Despite the video looking like it's about Jeffy and his broken toy, it's more focused on Mario trying to get his money back instead, this making the episode misleading.
    • This is one of the many examples where Jeffy's name is put in the title for views and ratings.
  4. Horrible editing, you can see the rip of the stretchy Spiderman which was probably intentionally done.
  5. A very stupid running gag where people decide to make pizza rolls instead of actually doing their jobs. In fact, God decides to have pizza rolls instead of solve world hunger.
  6. Plenty of unlikable characters:
    • Jeffy bugs God and annoys Mario, and begs for the stretchy Spiderman.
    • Cameel Habeeb Habab gives Mario terrible tips on fixing Jeffy's toy that obviously doesn't work.
    • Mr. Goodman cancels all refunds because, well, he's Mr. Goodman.
  7. A bad beginning where Jeffy asks Mario "cargo", Mario responds with "cargo what?" and Jeffy makes a car noise and calls Mario stupid.
  8. It could be considered a Mario torture episode since he doesn't get his money back and nobody helps him with his situation.
  9. Mario has an unlikable scene where he resorts to trying to kill the entire company.
    • The reason it doesn't work is because the assassin.. would rather have pizza rolls. The assassin leaves Mario because Mario thought pizza rolls were only OK, showing he can't handle opinions.
  10. An unsatisfying ending where Mr. Goodman tells Mario he won't get his money back because he likes money. Mr. Goodman, you have enough money. You don't need more.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. "Hi, I'm Dr. Stretch, and I have a PHD in stretching. Your mom knows me very well."
  2. The scene where Cameel starts singing is admittedly a good scene.
  3. Pumpkin's cameo was adorable and funny.



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