SML Movie: The Test

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SML Movie: The Test
A test that I will never take.
Series: SuperMarioLogan
Episode Number: 318
Air Date: August 8, 2017
Previous episode: Attack of the Killer Shrimp
Next episode: Black Yoshi's Mistake

"The Test!" is the 318th episode of SML Movies and the sixth episode of the Days of School series.


Cody tries to help Bowser Jr and Jeffy prepare for a test to have a pizza party.

Why It Sucks

  1. Cody somewhat brought his torture on himself, since he offered to tutor Bowser Jr and Jeffy, despite him knowing how stupid they both are.
  2. Bowser Jr and Jeffy are MUCH stupider than usual here. They create idiotic math logics, such as 3x3=3,333 and 3 literally going into 9.
  3. The pointless scene where Cody quizzes them on how many stars are on the American flag. Jeffy even says "star" many times, but still doesn't know how many stars are on the flag. Bowser Jr also thinks there are only 15 then 14 stars.
  4. This video has too much screaming, and I mean, too much screaming.
  5. The entire tutoring scene goes nowhere because of how stupid and annoying Bowser Jr and Jeffy are.
  6. Jeffy rudely calls Cody stupid when Cody correctly says 3x3=9, when Jeffy's answer was way off. Talk about hypocrisy!
  7. Horrible ending: When Bowser Jr and Jeffy try to copy Cody's answers, they also write his name, making him rant out to them, causing Jackie Chu to realize they cheated, and fails all three of them. As a result, none of them get pizza, when only Cody should have got some.
  8. Both Jeffy's swearing habit, and Bowser Jr's habit of thinking the sun is a planet returns. Why?

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Decent beginning where Jackie Chu explains what photosynthesis means, it could tell viewers what it means too.
  2. This episode has a good moral where you do not cheat on your test, or else you will fail.




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This is BULLS***! (flips his desk then the desk behind him) I'm out, b****!-Jeffy

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