Substitute Teacher (Henry Danger)

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Why is Captain Man a Teacher again?

"Substitute Teacher" is the sixth episode of season 1 of Henry Danger.


When a new student arrives at Swellview Junior High, Henry and Charlotte get suspicious of him, and he's a bad guy.

Why It Sucks

  1. Somehow Ortho and his father are put in the wrong, while the "heroes" are put in the right, but he was acting like a normal student. Ortho had every reason in the world to be mad at them!
  2. The gang accused Ortho of being a villain's descendant because of his haircut, that's it. No detective work and no further investigation.
  3. When the gang realized the civilian they had wasn't Drill Finger, they made them promise not to tell the police. Henry and Ray deserved a punishment.
  4. They made Drill Finger look heroic, and he's a bad guy!
  5. Ray was terrible at being a substitute teacher.
  6. When Gooch tells everyone that the REAL Drillfinger is terrorizing Nebraska, Captain Man lets it happen, claiming that he only protects Swellview.
  7. The scene where Ray and Gooch rub Gooch's nephew on Ms. Shapen is disturbing.
  8. ATROCIOUS ENDING, Henry and Ray erased Ortho and his father's memories even after knowing they are innocent, just because they were going to tell the police about they did! Why are these two heroes again?
    1. and to make matters worse, they just leave then on the streets after erasing their memories.